HARLA journals are multidisciplinary open access journals, publishing original, high quality, peer-reviewed research articles from the most trends in science, law, business and economics, social sciences and humanities, health and medical sciences, engineering and technology. HARLA journals aim to advance in research and publication by providing coverage in applied and basic researches. Our academic editors are working towards bringing objectivity, quality, rigor, and fairness in the review process, ensuring each article is evaluated based on its own scholarly merits. The editorial teams are supported by international advisory board.

HARLA journals also publish short communications, reviews, books, and books chapters, and technical notes. Articles published in HARLA journals are open for contributors around the world. The journals publish articles in a volume per year with two regular issues; First issue in December and second issue in June. Publications are licensed under creative columns Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0.


  • Harla Journal of Applied Science and Materials

    The HJASM is a peer-reviewed an open access journal devoted primarily to the original research contributions containing original scientific findings in any of the science fields, having national and international appeal and significance. It follows a rigorous, objectively and constructively peer review process which publishes original scientific articles from across all areas of natural sciences (physical, biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, geological, sport science, computational sciences, and material science) covering both fundamental and applied aspect of science including interdisciplinary researches around the world. Its publications include original full length research articles, short communications, review articles, books and book reviews, letters to editor, comments on critiques of published materials, information related to conferences and any other related relevant topics. Submissions of Manuscripts from scientists working in academic institutions, industry, companies, in Ethiopia or elsewhere in the globe having national and international interest are accepted for publication.

  • Harla Journal of Engineering and Technology

    HJET is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, short communications and review articles in areas of engineering and technology. HJET is established for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in broad areas of engineering and technology. HJET welcome manuscripts in all areas of engineering and technology manly: Architecture and urban planning, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, material science and engineering, Computer science, Information technology, Construction management and technology, Food science and technology, Energy technology, Micro and Nanotechnology, Survey technology, Textile and fashion design, railway engineering and technology, and others field of studies related to engineering and technologies.

  • Harla Journal of Health and Medical Science

    The HJHMS is a peer-reviewed, an open access journal with the goal of advancing Medical and Health Science disciplines with rigorously reviewed research outputs, reaching to wider community for building and transferring knowledge, and as a platform for scholar’s experience sharing. It covers and ranges to the broad fields of medical sciences and specialties, all fields of public health, nursing and midwifery sciences and applications, advancements and updates in the fields of medical laboratory technology, studies related to biomedical and allied sciences, pharmacologic studies, anaesthesiology, physiotherapy, mental health and psychiatric researches.

    The Harla Journal of Health and Medical Sciences is not limited to the fields and specialties listed above, rather widely open to all related fields of health sciences which can contribute to the advancement of knowledge, skill, technologies, methodologies or the art of science.

  • Harla Journal of Law and Governance

    HJLG publishes a high-quality collection of a peer-reviewed and open access original scholarly articles that examine, identify, and analyse on legal and governance matters in many different practice areas written by experts from around the world. It aspires to foster academic scholarship through research and inquiry into contemporary legal problems and phenomena of governance. It serves as a forum for academicians, researchers, law-makers, practitioners and policymakers to publish their original scientific research findings in the form articles, review papers, book chapters, case comments, and reflections on various national and international legal and governance issues.

    The journal accepts publications on various areas of laws and governance which includes but not limited to areas of business and corporations, human rights, international trade, arbitration, environment, criminal laws, constitutional law, public international law and also publications on issues of women, children and people with disabilities are highly encouraged.

  • Harla Journal of Social and Behavioral Studies

    HJSBS, is a peer-reviewed, open access research journal. The main objective of HJSBS is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars and to promote intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies in social, humanities, and behavioural sciences and aspires to become the leading journal at the national and global academic arena.

    It publishes empirical researches, literature reviews, case studies, short communications, book reviews, and technical notes in the areas of sociology and social anthropology, history and archives, languages and literatures, GIS, environment, climate, natural resources management, governance, political science, philosophy, international relations, cultural and religious studies, development studies, psychology, sociology, and education. Special issues devoted to important topics shall occasionally be published.

  • Harla Journal of Sustainable Development In Business and Economics

    The Harla Journal of Sustainable Development in Business and Economics is double blind peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research papers, books, book chapter, and book review. It is an academic journal published by Dire Dawa University. The aim of the journal is to promote contemporary research that contributes to theorists and practitioners’ knowledge about the, local, regional and global business and economics domain. There are 2 issues of Harla journal of Business and Economics published each year.   Occasionally this journal publishes special issues on specific topics related to the focus of the journal.

    The journal publishes in the following areas of research but not limited: Microeconomics, international trade and theories, Economic Development, Accounting and Business, Cost Accounting, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Business and Finance, Business and Economic Forecasting, Business Plan, Globalization, Behavioural Economics, Business Property and Liability, and Business Simulation, leadership, Marketing and development study, Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Business Information Systems, Business Law, Labour Economics, Labour Relations and Human Resource Management, Business, Systems, Consumer Behaviour, Corporate Finance and Governance, Corporate Governance, Market Structure and Pricing, Marketing Research and Strategy, Marketing Theory and Applications, Operations Research, Organizational Behaviour and Theory, tourism and other related research topics.